Are you struggling with hot flushes, rollercoaster emotions and never quite knowing when (or if!) your period is going to make an appearance? We hear you. You tell us that life in your 20s and 30s with cancer is hard enough, let alone with early menopause thrown in the mix. 

We get it and that's why we've invited our amazing Young Adult Ambassador Emma along - to help you feel heard and empowered when seeking support or speaking to your medical team. Emma will be sharing her wisdom of dealing with menopause way before your time and giving you tips to make your experience that little bit easier.


Bookworm and red-lipstick loving Emma was 25 when cancer nicked her boobs. She began blogging as ‘delightfully depressing’ to give a (loud) voice of support for people affected by cancer. Mixing humour with raw emotion, she has discussed issues relating to cancer including mental health, medical menopause, grief and identity. Emma is our first LGBTQ+ Young Adult Ambassador and lives in East London with her dog/child, Prudie.
“Being in the medical menopause at a young age is incredibly isolating and a huge taboo subject. It’s treated as a minor side effect of cancer treatment that we have to deal with, but it’s a ‘thing’ in itself and can be hugely damaging to our physical and mental health. There’s such a lack of conversation and knowledge about it, especially for young cancer patients, that people don’t know where to go for help or how to relieve symptoms. People who go into menopause at a young age or are put into it through surgery or medication need to be included in discussions. Our cancer teams need to be having them with us, knowledgeable in the subject & know where to signpost us if needed. Health isn’t just about the quantity of our years, it’s about the quality of them too.” Emma

We know each cancer experience is different, so remember some of the things you may hear during this event you may want to bank for later or it may not be right for you. This event mostly aims to:

  • Create a safe space to make you feel less alone
  • Act as a reminder to make sure that you are at the centre of your treatment and recovery
  • Empower you to ask the right questions when talking with your oncology team and GP
  • Seek support when you need it
  • Connect you with others who are in the same boat

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*Please be aware that no medical advice will be provided during this event, if you having any questions regarding your treatment please speak to your oncology team*

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