Have you found it hard finding and navigating your 'new normal'? Then join us on Tuesday 9th April for our goal setting workshop run by Tatei Montejo from Life After Cancer to talk through your life vision and set goals to help you to take control of your future. We have 12 spaces available.

What to Expect

  • The first part of the evening will be focusing on reflecting on your big goals and dreams, getting creative, sharing inspiration and envisioning the future. As well as, writing a letter to your future self or creating a visions board
  • Finally, you will be encouraged to set 3 goals, along with actions and steps you will need to work towards these
  • You will then leave with an accountability partner to help you achieve your goals

Tatei Montejo

Tatei is an ICF accredited coach based in South London. Tatei’s interest in psychology led her to coaching while looking for a career change, but it wasn’t until she got diagnosed with advanced ovarian cancer that she realised how much she needed to help others in order to fully heal.

Booking for this event has now closed.