Looking for a once in a lifetime experience? Challenge yourself to conquer the summit of the UK’s highest mountain in winter! 

Get Involved 

Summit the UK’s highest mountain, Ben Nevis (1344m), in winter! Enjoy the spectacular views of the Scottish highlands covered in snow and spend two nights in the beautiful Glen Nevis.

Want to know more? 

You’ll learn critical skills on the first day to help you complete the challenge. Our instructors will help you develop key skills for tackling the hills in winter, from kicking steps in the snow to using crampons and ice axes. And there is no need to worry about buying an expensive kit as everything is included in the cost of the challenge.

Is this challenge for me? 

The Winter Ben Nevis Challenge is graded as extreme. This is the perfect challenge for participants who are of an adventurous spirit and an open mind, who have taken part in summer trekking challenges and now wish to test themselves in a more extreme environment. . You can tell your supporters that on your Winter Ben Nevis Challenge you will be:

  • Summiting the highest mountain in the UK, under winter conditions.
  • Learning key winter skills for reaching the summit.
  • Trekking for between 8-10 hours on summit day

Find out more about the Winter Ben Nevis Weekender.

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Registration Fee: £95

Minimum Fundraising Target: £625