Let us help you get moving.

We've teamed up with Joelle, a Cancer Rehabilitation trained instructor to deliver Trekstock Moves, a 60-minute class designed for you if you're living with and beyond cancer.

Each class, suitable for all fitness levels, will focus on increasing strength, mobility and core. 

Using movement patterns that translate into everyday life, you will use your own body weight and exercise bands to help you reach your individual goals. The session will end with a short yoga and stretching sequence, to keep the body supple and help reduce muscle tightness.

Typical class structure:

  • Body weight warm-up/cardiovascular movements 10 mins
  • Dynamic stretches 5 mins
  • Strength work with bands and or body weight 15 mins
  • Floor Core 10 mins
  • Yin Yoga/Restorative bolstered positions and relaxation 15-20 mins

To find upcoming classes head to our events page.

What I find fulfilling the most is the wonderful feedback we receive at the end of each restorative class. Best quote to date has to be ‘that is the best I have felt all year’.  The feeling of making someone feel whole again."

Joelle Rainford, Trekstock Instructor