Trekstock Talk's on Nutrition

This Trekstock Talk's series covers nutrition. Rupy Aujla from The Doctor's Kitchen and Kellie Anderson, cancer food educator fromMaggie's Centre in Edinburgh talk with Toby our host about nutrition.

Life Kitchens by Ryan Riley

Life Kitchen is a not-for-profit organisation focused on helping people with cancer rediscover and revive their love of food. Life kitchen provides free cookery classes, recipes and events for people living with cancer.

The Food Medic

The Food Medic is an educational platform and media group, founded by Dr. Hazel Wallace, that is aimed at bridging the gap between traditional medical advice, nutrition and other areas of lifestyle. Through social media platforms, podcastsbooks, and the website you will find; informative articles which are grounded in science, easy-to-follow recipes, and actionable tips and guides, to help you make informed healthy lifestyle choices.

Healthy Whole Me

Welcome to the new Healthy Whole Me. My name’s Dani and I am passionate about creating a wholesome, balanced and sustainable lifestyle for my family and me. If I have one message I would like to get across then it’s: ‘Look after yourself’!You’re worth it, and do it in ways that are good for YOU. May it be by eating well, exercising or perhaps taking a nap when you really need one. Life comes with so many pressures and especially as a parent we often put ourselves last ever so often.

Nourish Flourish Me

  • Sarah Dixon is a young adult cancer survivor and Young Adult Ambassador for Trekstock
  • Here she shares blogs and recipes for a healthy plant-based diet

The Chemo Cookery Club

The Chemo Cookery Club has a selection of delicious recipes to help make everyday food a positive part of life for cancer sufferers and their carers. With tempting treats and healthy food ideas, the emphasis is on the nutritional values that can make a difference.