Dealing With Financial Issues

There may be other financial issues that come up as a result of having cancer that go beyond employment. Having cancer can be expensive and although cancer treatments are provided for free, other expenses for you and those around you do crop up such as cost of travel when you aren’t well. These can put you into debt.

The issue of risk also becomes important when looking into insurance, mortgages and borrowing money. Agencies that offer these services include health issues when assessing how likely you are able to pay back an investment or if you may claim on insurance policies. Although dealing with people in this manner is impersonal, it is unfortunately a reality and one that we think you should be aware of so you can best manage your finances.

We will be looking more in depth at tips for managing existing debt, applying for and dealing with mortgages and insurance. We will look at how the Equality Act (link in work section) is also relevant to insurance and it might be against the law for an insurance company to refuse you insurance or charge you a higher premium. This might mean that insurers need to ask your doctor for more detailed information about your condition.