Online Exercise Videos

We've teamed up with personal trainer Lisanne van Sonsbeek to design a range of exercise videos that aim to support you to get moving again. Thank you to Kelly and Callan, two of the young adults we support, for taking part in the videos to show that it is possible to get moving again, after a cancer diagnosis.

Each video will focus on a different area, from stretching to cardio - we've got it covered. These videos don't have to be done in order, feel free to mix and match based on how you are feeling, and what you want to focus on. All you'll need is some wifi, a chair and keep some water to hand!


I've consulted on these videos to ensure that they are perfect for young adults living with cancer and its effects.

Victoria Brown, Cancer Rehabilitation trained Personal Trainer.


I had HER2 positive breast cancer and finished chemotherapy in August, however I am still being treated every 3 weeks until July this year. It's important to exercise because it helps deliver oxygen to the muscles more effectively which can reduce fatigue. It also releases some endorphins to uplift your mood. Keeping your body mobile during chemotherapy can help reduce inflammation, bloating and water retention. I wanted to do the exercise video for Trekstock because they found me when I needed them the most. They helped me a lot; even if it was just someone to talk to about what happened. I wanted to return the favour and help other cancer patients feel better in the process.


I was diagnosed with leukaemia (acute lymphoblastic leukaemia) at 20 and have finished a bone marrow transplant 6 months later. I still go into hospital for treatment two days every fortnight, for side affects of the bone marrow transplant.
Exercise is important for me because it provides me with a space that I can forget about the rest of my world and just focus on the task at hand, mostly to some good tunes. As well as walk away feeling alive, knowing that I have done something good for my body and mind.

For me exercise and diet go hand in hand and that is one of the reasons why I decided to get fit again, knowing that it will make me more motivated to eat healthily. It also provides a means to meet and talk to people, whether that is in the gym or out in the park. And of course to feel more confident about myself.

I wanted to do the video because it sounded like fun, and it was a way to give back for all the support that I have been given.