What cancer were you diagnosed with? Ovarian Cancer

At what age were you diagnosed? 27

What has helped you to thrive? My positive outlook on life, mind power and my husband of course.

Anastasia's Story

I met my husband in 2014 in Moscow via work. We dated for 6 months and decided that long distance was not for us and that it would be best for me to move to London in December. I was in London on a business trip in the middle of October 2014 and had severe lower stomach pain. My then boyfriend Stuart took me to Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. I had laparoscopy done and was diagnosed with borderline tumour on the right ovary. This was shocking but thank God wasn't cancerous. I was advised to remove the tumour as soon as possible. With all the work back home and moving to London business I didn't really know when/where to do it and even if I wanted to do it... The doctors didn't really clarify what the borderline tumour was and that it could grow into cancerous and it was stupid of me not to research the topic myself... My health wasn't a priority then.

So, I moved to London and went to see Stuart's family onco surgeon in Nottingham. We scheduled an operation to remove the ovary, the tube and the tumour on the 22nd of January 2015. After the operation the doctor said that it was most likely to be cancer that spread to other parts of my body and staged it 3c. However, we were still waiting for the official diagnosis from the biopsy. After the diagnosis the world went upside down. I was on a business visa in the UK that was ending in February which meant going back to Russia to reapply for a new visa and that could take weeks. Meanwhile doctors were saying that I should have had treatment before going back and were putting an immense pressure on me. I'm not even taking into account that one cycle of chemo that I did in Nottingham cost us 2500 pounds as I wasn't eligible for NHS then. Before the official diagnosis Stuart took me out to the movies, an awful movie I remember, then we went on a Ferris Wheel and out of the blue he got on one knee and asked me to marry him saying he will stay with me till the end.... I couldn't speak as I was hysterically crying my eyes out. He was and is my support and I would have never gone through challenge like this without him. The following day, doctors diagnosis was confirmed. I decided to do one cycle of carboplatin and fly to Russia to sort out the visa. I came back with a new visa and in three weeks time I was referred to Royal Marsden where I completed the remaining 5 cycles of carboplatin single agent, last one in August 2015. My results have been great since the first chemo. On September 1st this year Stuart and I got married. What a year!!!