What cancer were you diagnosed with? Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia (CML)

At what age were you diagnosed? 24

What has helped you to thrive? Besides my friends and family, the one thing that helps me thrive is humour. It helps make any situation much more acceptable, without it I think I would find myself in a very dark place.

Andy's Story

It all started with the swelling of my abdomen, being 24 however, I thought nothing of it. As it grew larger, I decided to get it looked at. The next thing I know the consultant is facing me, telling me I had CML. My first thought was, “Ok, how do we beat this?”.

Now I’m here after the initial chemo, on my lifelong medication and soon hopefully in full remission. There’s been ups and downs, both physically and psychologically, whilst it’s been a weird experience, cancer is a part of me so I just do what I can to live with it and crack on with life.

I think Trekstock is an excellent resource - after my diagnosis, I was quite lost. Having the ability to connect with others going through similar scenarios would have been amazing. I think it’s important to help others who feel as lost as I once felt, understand that it will get better, everything will start looking up and that they’re actually not as alone as they think.