What cancer were you diagnosed with? Breast Cancer

At what age were you diagnosed? 27

Chloe's Story

My boyfriend found my lump during sex though kindly forgetting to tell me till the next day! I waited a week to go see a doctor thinking it would be nothing. The doctors said it was probably nothing, but referred me a consultant surgeon who ordered an ultrasound. After the ultrasound and a biopsy, my diagnosis was confirmed as breast cancer! I was totally okay with it but everyone else around me was falling apart.

I am type 1 diabetic, so reacted really badly to the steroids of the chemotherapy- I was put in the high dependency unit for five days after my first treatment. After that, I was kept in every time to keep an eye on me. Then it turned out I was allergic to two of the medications and had some serious complications with that. I had my mastectomy and began radiotherapy soon after.

I’ve found there are no diabetic people out there with cancer sharing their story. I am also young and we need to get the message out there that you are never too young to get cancer. Trekstock is awesome for this!