What cancer were you diagnosed with? Hodgkin Lymphoma

At what age were you diagnosed? 17

What has helped you to thrive? My amazing friends, family, supportive charities and my outrageous stubbornness.

Michaela's Story

In 2008, at the age of 17 I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Hodgkin Lymphoma and life as I knew it changed for the foreseeable future. I was at college at the time and had just been offered a conditional place at university to study Business Management. My illness meant that I had to drop out of college and defer my place at university until the following year.

Whilst I was going through treatment and its side effects such as losing my hair, the horrendous mouth ulcers, for which using coca cola as a mouthwash strangely helped, it was hard not to feel cheated that my life wasn’t the same as the friends around me. However I now consider myself lucky that after just 8 months I was given the all clear. Fast forward 8 years, and I’ve completed my degree and secured a job in Human Resources whilst also volunteering for charities to raise awareness of the support available to children and young people with cancer.

Cancer may have stopped me in my tracks for a while, but with the help of my amazing family and friends I got through it, and it’s made me realise that life doesn’t always go to plan so make the most of it whilst possible.

It was through volunteering for another charity that I came across Trekstock and I think the information and support they provide is amazing. Whilst I was ill I don’t think I fully utilised the online support and community available to me and I want to be able to encourage others to do so, and help others by sharing my experience.