Leaving A Gift In Your Will

Leave A Gift In Your Will

Help ensure all young adults are supported during and beyond treatment for cancer, by including a gift in your will to Trekstock.

When writing a will, we understand your first concern is to look after family and friends. But once you’ve taken care of your loved ones, please consider letting your values and passions live on by leaving a legacy to Trekstock. If you choose to remember Trekstock in your will, you will be helping to reduce the loneliness, fear and uncertainty of cancer for future generations of young adults.

Whether you’re making your will for the first time or just need to update it, including a gift to us isn’t complicated. Although we can’t give legal advice, we can answer your questions and provide information about leaving a gift to Trekstock.

Wording for your will

Please ask your solicitor to include this information:

Trekstock Ltd, 23 Carnaby Street, London, W1F 7DD
A charity registered in England and Wales (No. 1132421).
Your solicitor will advise you about the exact wording to use.