Today technology can really come in handy when going through treatment and getting the support you need. Here's some of these great apps that you may find helpful.


Vinehealth’s platform uses behavioural science and AI to increase the quality of life and survival of cancer patients. Built by doctors and data scientists, the Vinehealth mobile app allows patients to track, understand and optimise their care, supporting them to better self-manage. Patients can track data on symptoms, side effects, medications and appointments, and this information is seamlessly integrated with lifestyle data from smartphones and wearable devices. Machine learning enables the app to delivers highly personalised nudges to support self-management and personalised evidence-based content and supportive information. Co-developed with hundreds of patients, as well as with NHS oncologists and key opinion leaders in cancer research and health behaviours, the app also connects patients to their clinical team, helping them to feel supported and in control.

OWise is your own personal cancer support app to help you regain control of your life from the first day of a breast cancer diagnosis. OWise supports you with safe and reliable medical information while giving you valuable insights about your day-to-day wellbeing that you can immediately share with your medical team helping them make informed decisions about on-going treatment. OWise is clinically-validated, accredited by the NHS and free to download. It can also be used from your desktop or tablet by signing up via

Careology Digital Cancer Care helps you stay on top of every aspect of your cancer treatment.  Created in conjunction with NHS oncology and nursing advisors, Careology helps you track your treatment, understand your symptoms, and keep on top of your medications to put you more in control of your cancer journey.

Each cancer journey has ups and downs. But, at Careology, it’s our mission to make the ‘Down Days’ more manageable, and create more ‘Up Days’ for everyone living and dealing with cancer. Careology was created by a pioneer in health technology after his wife was diagnosed with cancer. As a result, Careology combines the very best in digital technology with a true understanding of living and dealing with cancer.