After receiving your cancer diagnosis you may have a number of questions about travel and life insurance. We're here to help.

Check out our charity friends who can provide you with even more information and advice:


Cancer On Board

These badges are a straightforward way to tell people around you that you are ill, and that you might need to sit down, especially on public transport. The message of the badge is very clear and means you don’t have to go into any detail in front of strangers to get a seat.



We specialise in medical travel cover. By working with charities, clinical specialists, and you – our customers – we’re always improving our understanding to create products and services to meet your needs. It’s all part of our efforts to address the issues people have when looking for specialist travel insurance. Call their Customer Service Centre for further information 0203 8837 194.

Medical Travel Compared

At Medical Travel Compared we believe that everyone has the right to travel when they want, where they want. Even if they have a medical condition. Our website allows you to compare over 100 policies, from over 40 specialise providers, meaning we always show you the best possible results first time. Tell us where you’re going, add your conditions just once, and we’ll do the rest. There’s no paperwork, no phone calls, and no stress. We’ll only show you quotes that cover the conditions you’ve shared.

All Clear Travel Insurance 

We’re the insurance specialist for customers with pre-existing medical conditions. Our mission is to help anyone with medical conditions to get the insurance they want and need. We are passionate about offering value to customers of any age, with any condition. Our heritage in travel insurance means that we strive to help customers travel anywhere in the world. We do this by understanding and valuing you as a customer.