Laura is a Cancer Exercise Specialist, who discovered Pilates as a way to improve her own posture. She's practised Pilates for several years and her passion for it eventually led her to qualify as a teacher. She is interested in how Pilates supports people to feel comfortable and confident in their bodies. 

Laura loves to deepen her understanding of how bodies work which is why she went on to train as a Cancer Exercise Specialist to ensure that she had an understanding of bone health, osteoporosis, pre/postnatal and post-rehab protocols. 

“When I practice Pilates, I am fully absorbed. I feel inside my body and mind in a way that no other activity allows me to experience. I emerge from Pilates practice feeling a deeper sense of connection, which I hope my you experience as well.”

In 2019, she founded Equilibrium Studio, whose goal is to enable everyone to feel good in their bodies. Pilates is key to fostering a deep connection between body and mind. The awareness and focus unique to the Pilates practice can lead to an intense and deeply satisfying workout, which will leave you feeling stronger, more flexible and free from pain.

While Laura embraces the principles Joseph Pilates advocated, closely following his teaching and inspiration, she also keeps up to date with the latest findings in the science of movement, in an approach that effectively marries tradition and research.

Laura's looking forward to seeing you on the mat soon!