Cancer is the 'gift' that keeps on giving. Because as if being diagnosed with a life-threatening illness wasn't enough, some treatments mean you might also face early menopause. Trekstock's Menopause programme experts are here to sort you out with everything you need to know and we're thrilled to welcome such an ace team to guide us through this thorny topic.

Joing Trekstock will be: 

Co-Host: Dani Binnington 

Dani was diagnosed with breast cancer in her 30s. She went through gruelling chemotherapy, a mastectomy and an ovariectomy that plunged her into early menopause. Dani is a yoga teacher, cook, menopause coach, and all-around wellness warrior, whose lifestyle platform Healthy, Whole Me offers delicious recipes, stress-busting classes, fun events and oodles of inspiration for a healthy body and mind. She is passionate about creating a sense of community knows that when it comes to menopause one size doesn't fit all, and wants you to know there are options and she’s here to help you work out what's right for you.

Dr Annice Mukherjee

Annice went through breast cancer ten years ago and knows first-hand what it’s like to go through early menopause as a result. She is a U.K. medical consultant and hormone specialist with almost 3 decades of experience working in hospital medicine. Her special interests include women’s health, hormone consequences of cancer treatment (late effects), menopause, puberty, thyroid disease, calcium and bone disorders, and chronic fatigue management. Annice herself went through breast cancer ten years ago and knows first-hand what it’s like to go through early menopause as a result. Annice is the author of “The Complete Guide to the Menopause” she'll be bringing to the programme her evidence-based, holistic and personalised approach, helping you think through how food, sleep and exercise all play an important part in alleviating symptoms of menopause. She'll be offering advice on what to do when HRT isn't an option or just not for you.

Dr Rebecca Lewis

Rebecca is a GP and menopause specialist. She dedicates her time to seeing patients and lecturing and writing articles with the aim to empower women with evidence based knowledge so that they can make informed decisions about managing their menopause. 

Dr Philippa Kaye 

Philippa is a GP, author, journalist, and mother. She wrote the no-nonsense, candid book, The M Word,  a complete one-stop guide to perimenopause and menopause covering everything from symptoms to practical advice. She also wrote Doctors get Cancer Too about her own experience of being diagnosed with bowel cancer at 39. She is the medical expert for many magazines and online press such as the Daily Mail,  she’s the Ann Summers resident health GP, regularly found on the sofa at This Morning on ITV as well as appearing on other television and radio shows from Channel 4, Channel 5, BBC and Sky News as well as Radio 5 live, BBC Radio London and much more!

She'll be bringing her no-nonsense approach to health issues, helping you make sense of your symptoms and giving you tips and tricks on how to get the best out of your GP appointments when it comes to menopause.

Kate Rowe Ham

Kate is a qualified personal trainer specialising in helping women reach their fitness potential.
She has first-hand experience of heading into peri-menopause and knows how many of the symptoms can leave you feeling very overwhelmed and anxious.
She'll be joining us to talk about how exercise can make a positive impact on how you feel, and for you to gain an understanding of how your mind and bodywork together, so you truly appreciate what you are capable of regardless of menopause.

Samantha Evans

Samantha is the​ co-founded Jo Divine, an online sex toy company, with her husband Paul in 2007 which only sells skin-safe sex toys and sexual lubricants.

Having a professional background in nursing, she is a features writer and sexual health and pleasure expert for Jo Divine. With extensive knowledge about sex toys and sexual lubricants, she enjoys creating informative, practical articles about sexual health and pleasure which endeavour to normalise sex, help people to talk about it, and discover ways to enjoy sex in whatever way they want to or are able to.

Samantha works with many healthcare professionals in the NHS and private practice to help them advise their patients about regaining sexual function and enjoying sexual intimacy and pleasure through the use of suitable sex toys, dilators and pH balanced sexual lubricants.

As a menopausal woman, she advises people going through natural menopause or as a result of medical or surgical treatment, including post-cancer, about ways to enjoy sexual intimacy and pleasure. She passionately believes that it is always possible to enjoy pleasurable sex and having cancer doesn’t mean your sex life has to stop.

"I recently featured on Channel 4: Davina McCall “Sex, Myths and the Menopause” where we had a fun and informative chat about sex, orgasms, sex toys, how ingredients matter when it comes to choosing and using lubricants and moisturisers, how everyone needs a good tube of lube in their bedside drawer and why we both want to be like our 95-year-old customers still enjoying pleasurable orgasms!" - Samantha

Caroline Lovett

Caroline is a Senior Psychosexual Therapist at The Royal Marsden Hospital and also has her own Private Practise. She provides a safe space for you to talk about the things that matter to you, knowing that people can feel anxious and embarrassed talking about sex!

"Having a cancer diagnosis can take over your life for a while, and we need to remember that you are a sexual person too. The treatments for cancer can knock your self-confidence and self-esteem. Sometimes being able to have someone to talk to about any difficulties you are experiencing, can make a big difference." Caroline

Dr Lindsey Thomas

Lindsey is a GP with over 20 yrs experience and also a Menopause Specialist. Working in a large NHS menopause clinic as well as privately , Lindsey looks after lots of women who are experiencing menopausal symptoms as a result of cancer treatments. She feels passionate that this group of women should be able to access help and advice that empowers them with the knowledge to support themselves and understand their treatment options.