During her treatment for breast cancer, Audrey Allan struggled to cope with the effect anxiety was having on her This is a feeling many young adults like Audrey tell us they feel. Audrey turned to yoga to see if that would help:

Anxiety is a huge challenge for most people after a cancer diagnosis, this, of course, is completely natural. Not only are you facing treatments that can be very harsh on your body, your mind is filled with worries about whether your cancer could be fatal. I needed to find something that would calm and focus me. My usual favourites, reading and audio books weren’t really working, I just didn’t have the concentration as my head was swimming with ‘what if’s’. Yoga came to my rescue." Audrey Allan

Yoga can be a great way to relax during as well as after treatment ends the time when many young adults say their anxiety is at an all-time high.

It can help you to feel calmer and more grounded, whilst also providing you with some headspace to process everything you are going through. Here at Trekstock we recognise the benefit that yoga classes can have on many young adults living with cancer, so we want every young adult across the UK to be able to experience the benefit.

That’s why we have developed our 7-day Trekstock online Yoga video series in partnership with our CanRehab trained Instructor Joelle, with Andrea & Adriana. We are extremely grateful to the All Foundation for their generous funding to help us deliver these online physical activity resources. 

Watch the series

To read more of Audrey's story www.cancerwithasmile.com