Wondering whether to sign up? Chloe has recently taken part in our RENEW classes since we moved them online to ensure we can support you during these difficult times, and she is here to tell you how she found it.

It was earlier this year that I first came across the Trekstock Renew Programme; but at the time, it was an event that was unattainable to me on so many levels. I was in the middle of chemotherapy, still navigating life after major surgery and travelling to London was simply out of the question. I kept on hearing from various health professionals that exercise would be helpful, and I was keen to build strength and improve my mobility post-operation; but I just didn’t know where to start.

However, in response to COVID-19, my chemotherapy treatment was stopped and Trekstock changed their exercise programme to be digital! Instead of an eight-week, one-hour course that was originally planned; the programme was adjusted to be an online one-hour session for three-weeks. I was stuck inside isolating so for me it was the perfect time to focus on my body, my recovery and my mental health. These are some of the reasons why it felt right to join the Renew programme.

Signing up to the course was easier and quicker than I thought. Once I submitted the relevant information and got the approval from the doctors, it took about two weeks to be accepted onto the programme! Literally days after this, I had an email from my assigned personal trainer. We introduced ourselves and spoke more specifically about me, my goals, equipment, space and concerns so he could create a personal regime adhering exactly to my needs for our first online session.

I was very apprehensive for our first class as I had never done any personal training before; especially digitally! But immediately my anxieties were put to rest. We went through a warm-up, some basic exercises and a cool down. The hour went so quickly! My trainer made it very clear that I was in control; he would lead upon my direction and motivated me accordingly. I came away feeling mentally invigorated and my body felt achy but re-energised. Afterwards, I was sent comprehensive notes on the exercises covered with extra information specific to my concerns, so I was able to practice between sessions.

For the online classes, I would recommend using a device that you can easily move. I had a VERY limited space to exercise and had to move my laptop a lot so I could be seen clearly. Also, as a home workout novice; I had no equipment so I would recommend getting some weights or using tin cans, water bottles or anything of weight in your cupboards if buying a set of weights is not feasible for you.

Over the three-week course there was a gradual progression in intensity and difficulty by adding extra movements and doing them for longer. Each time, I left feeling positive, supported and proud of myself afterwards! The Renew Exercise Programme has given me the motivation, knowledge and confidence to safely exercise at home. Alongside this, I’ve found Trekstock’s yoga series on YouTube to support my personal training exercises. Now that I have introduced exercise back into my routine, I have found that my anxiety levels are more manageable, I feel less fatigued and stronger. I am so grateful to Trekstock for offering this incredible service for free!

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