Hearing the words ‘you have cancer’ changes everything.  

At Trekstock, we don’t save lives by raising money for treatments or research. 

At Trekstock, we change lives by empowering those in their 20s or 30s to live their best life with and beyond cancer.  

This winter, donate to us to help us help them stay active, meet others and get support on the big issues they’re facing. 

Whatever type, whatever stage, we help them make sense of life after a cancer diagnosis. 

This winter, we’re sharing the stories of our community.

These are the many faces and voices who make up our community.

These are the people your donations support.

These are the #HumansOfTrekstock


Through Trekstock I have met many great people; like-minded people who I could relate to and felt comfortable with immediately. Trekstock supports people to ask difficult questions and discuss tough topics, some of which - like infertility - I didn't even consider before becoming involved with TrekstockTrekstock came into my life at a time after my diagnosis when I had far more questions than answers. They gave me a place and a sense of community where I could ask all those difficult questions which I couldn't ask my friends and family. I couldn't have done it without Trekstock. 


Living with a secondary cancer diagnosis can be a very lonely place and often throws many challenges in the mix. Trekstock have not only allowed me to meet a community of likeminded individuals who are on the same path as me dealing with a cancer diagnosis at a young age, but the support they offer to us is invaluable, helping us to open up the difficult topics and conversations that we face.


The world you enter after being diagnosed with cancer is confusing in its own right, when you add into that the confusion of being a teenager/young adult it can make a tough situation, even harder. I feel sometimes it is over looked how much of an impact cancer has after you finish treatment. There is this odd idea that people just get better and get on with it. That certainly isn't the case. We live in a society where we are more connected than ever yet loneliness if on the rise. A lot of that, in my opinion, is down to understanding. For me, understanding, connecting and talking are three vital tools we need after cancer. 


Trekstock helped me by giving me a safe space for me to meet other young adults with cancer like me. Trekstock helped me massively to improve my mental health post treatment, as with their events and support I was finally able to meet others with whom I could relate and talk freely about my cancer experience and feel less isolated and alone. 


People presumed that just because I was only young when going through cancer, I wasn't going to be affected physically and mentally by the treatment and the process. Trekstock has amazing opportunities to get people moving during and after treatment: meet and move events, wellness sessions - both in-person and virtual, and even more physical activities for those that want to push a little more. 


Trekstock has really helped by providing access to information and support I wouldn't have received otherwise. Recently this has been through their great menopause support programme which is specifically for those of us dealing with menopause as a result of cancer and already it's helped me be an advocate for my own healthcare.

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