We are incredibly proud of Jolene, one of our Young Adult Ambassadors who will be trekking 26 miles along Hadrian’s Wall this April. We recently caught up with Jolene and why she signed up to our Hadrian’s Wall Challenge and what Trekstock means to her.

Over the past three years I have participated in numerous challenges to help raise funds for Trekstock . My friends and I took part in the 10k Urban Trek (2019), Lake District 5 Peak Challenge (2018) and Conquer The Tower (2017) to raise funds for this awesome small charity. My 2020 challenge is to walk 26 miles across Hadrian's Wall in one day! I’ve put the tears and tantrums of the Lake District behind me, invested in some new walking boots, and am raring to go.

I discovered Trekstock in 2016 when I began writing a blog about my cancer journey, since then they have provided invaluable support. They feel strongly that young adults need and deserve an organisation dedicated to providing information and support programmes to help them deal with the emotional and physical impact of cancer and to help get them moving again once treatment ends. I have been fortunate enough to meet wonderful people through this charity, from other cancer patients that have become friends to those who dedicate their careers to help make this powerhouse of a charity a huge success.

Almost 10 years ago I was told I had stage 4 melanoma, a late stage cancer that would likely kill me within 18 months. I’ve struggled my whole adult life with the notion that my life had been cut short before I could really live it. Thanks to surgery, science and the NHS I am still here, treatment free and currently disease free. Trekstock have been a huge part in helping me come to terms with my diagnosis, but also in moving forward beyond being ‘just a cancer patient’. I feel doing this trek is part of the closing of one very challenging chapter of my life, which will hopefully give me some space to try and move forward. 

For this walk, I’ll be joined by five of my awesome friends who took part in the Urban Trek with my last year, Lucy, Jesse, Rachel, Katharine and Sarah. Their support means the world to me and I know I couldn’t do it without them.

I know I always keep doing things to raise funds and awareness for charity, but it really will make a difference to people like me. I hope no one has to go through what I have been through, but its comforting to know there is support for the 34 young adults in the UK diagnosed with cancer every day.

Inspired to join Jolene in taking on a challenge in 2020? You have one more week to sign up to our Hadrian’s Wall adventure so sign up while you can! If you would like more information or ideas on ways to support Trekstock in 2020 please email our Fundraising Officer Katie at [email protected] to discuss ideas.