Navigating sex and cancer is a minefield. Whether you’re trying to do the deed after diagnosis, you’re living with cancer or you’re in the realms of that elusive new normal we hear so much about, the truth is, the whole thing can be, well...tricky. After your body has betrayed you in such a dramatic way, it can be difficult to let go enough to enjoy yourself with something so physical. And we’re not talking about it as much as we should be. That’s why we enlisted our pal Lauren Mahon - to throw back the covers for our Lifting the Lid on Sex and Cancer.

There’s no doubt that cancer changes everything and your sex life is no exception. But when you’re in your 20s or 30s, sex shouldn’t be taken off the table, even when a life-threatening illness is thrown into the mix. The reality is that once the cancer bomb has been dropped, most people aren’t getting the support they need to make sure they’re still able to have the active sex life they want, need and deserve. 97% of our community said that their oncology teams didn't discuss how cancer would impact them emotionally when it came to sex. 93% said oncology teams didn't discuss how cancer would impact them physically when it came to sex, and over half of the community said that the information they got from their oncology teams when it came to sex and cancer wasn't very helpful at all. But sex is a huge part of anyone's life - and lets face it, when you’re living with or beyond a cancer diagnosis, you need as much fun as you can get.