The movement is back, and this year our #FemaleFamily is a force to be reckoned with.  

"We're so excited about what this year will bring... from  donations to conversations, to lives saved!"
  Melanie, Lounge Chief Brand Officer. 

You may already be aware October is officially Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This year we are thrilled to announce Trekstock has yet again teamed up with our incredible partners at Lounge Underwear for their 2020 #FeelYourBreast Campaign. 

From October 8th, Lounge will be releasing their Limited Edition Pink Thongs and an Ultimate Guide to checking your breast, all to raise awareness and vital funds for Trekstock and Coppafeel!

Last year's #FeelYourBreast Campaign surpassed all our wildest dreams raising a phenomenal £23,676.14! Thanks to the help of Lounge's incredible community, Trekstock were able to support even more young adults in their 20s and 30s living with and beyond cancer. 

Here's what the lovely Melanie, Lounge's Chief Brand Officer, had to say about the success of the 2019 Campaign and her excitement for the next steps in the #FeelYourBreast mission. 

"Our #FeelYourBreast Campaign was a hugely monumental moment for us as a brand and as a team at Lounge. 

We witnessed our Instagram family unite, with floods of positive comments, 100's of stories being shared and so many inspiring and engaging interactions with our community that showed just how much this campaign had done for them... whether they had experienced cancer in their lives personally, through a loved one, or had never even thought about checking their breasts until witnessing the campaign. It massively stood out to us that everyone's journey and experience with their breasts and their bodies were so vastly different, and that the approach we had taken had managed to speak out to all of these wonderful humans in so many different ways.

This year is set to reach a whole new level, and it's safe to say we're just a little bit excited about what we're working on and what's to come." 

The 2019 #FeelYourBreast Campaign made waves for breast cancer awareness; not only raising a phenomenal amount but further educated a new audience on how to check their breasts. The campaign also spoke to so many by sharing real experiences of cancer from the Lounge Legends throughout the campaign.  

When we asked Melanie the one thing Lounge would like young adults to learn from this year's #FeelYourBreast Movement, she was quick to discuss the root of Lounge's mission. 

​"If it had to be one single thing, it would be that knowing your body and what normal feels like to you and your breast tissue could quite literally save your life.

This campaign is all about raising awareness, educating young people and growing their confidence in knowing how to check their breasts and why it is so important. It really is that simple."

And we could not agree more. 

"Our relationship with Trekstock means so much to us and knowing that we can be a part of their journey to supporting young adults who have been stopped in their tracks by cancer... well that ticks all of the boxes for us.

To know we can make a real difference through our campaign and the donations we raise, truly means the world to us, and we're so passionate about encouraging our community to donate everything they can to support such an inspirational cause."

So, mark your calendars for October 8th and get ready for all the fabulous #FeelYourBreast content coming over the next month. 

We're incredibly thankful for Lounge and all our supporters. Together, we can ensure no young adult faces cancer alone. 


Melanie Marsden (she/her) -Chief Brand Officer - ‎Lounge Underwear

Meet the Lounge Legends and find out more about how you can get involved in this years #FeelYourBreast Campaign here.