Last Saturday 21st October we hosted the very first Sarcoma Meet & Move in partnership with Sarcoma UK. The day, in the stunning setting of Maggie's West London, was focused around giving young adults living with and beyond sarcoma the opportunity to meet others in the same position, get active together, as well as learn about nutrition and take part in a coaching session.

"All of the sessions fulfilled my expectations. Very informative and great to try something new. Also a very unique, comforting and inspiring day - never met so many people with Sarcoma!" Meet & Move attendee

Over the course of the day our 24 attendees took part in a group exercise session run by Tim Stewart, one of our Renew exercise programme Cancer Rehab instructors; a nutrition session with Dietitian Monika Siemicka, expert and writer of our nutrition resources; coaching with Life Coach Steph Davies; and yoga with Natalie and Alex. There was also a chance for the plus ones who attended to offload with the Cancer Support Specialist at Maggies and Helen from Sarcoma UK.

We ended the day with a very special performance by the hugely talented Jen Taylor who herself was diagnosed with sarcoma. Inspiring us to believe that we can do what sometimes feels impossible. Keep your dreams alive and refuse to be defined by your cancer.

A big thank you to our hosts Toby and Jen, our experts Tim Stewart, Steph Davies, Monika Siemicka, Natalie Below and Alex Hughes, Helen and Laura from Sarcoma UK and for Sinead and the team at Maggie's West London for hosting us again.

"I feel less physically limited by my leg and feel I can do more with it." Meet & Move attendee