We know that lots of Trekstock's community of young adults living with and beyond cancer are currently strictly self-isolating for the next 12 weeks during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic. We've asked our community to share their tips and plans to stay positive and sane during these extraordinary times. First up, it's Amelia.

Crikey! What a weird time this is. Even with cancer I feel I’m a positive, non worrier type gal so this coronavirus stuff has tipped that a bit ske-wiff. I was visiting friends in Lancashire when it started to get slightly more serious so my husband and I hid out there for a while. Luckily the people we were staying with were also taking it seriously and we just sat at home the four of us and played games and cooked which was lovely actually, considering. Anyway, so reality check and I need my bloods done ready for chemo after the weekend. And we had a food delivery coming, which we were lucky to get. So back home we go.

I’ve decided to social distance myself hugely and take this seriously, I simply cannot afford to contract this virus, not just getting the virus itself but it would put chemo on hold and put everyone at risk at the hospital. It’s not worth it. The nurses are being amazing. As always.

But what am I doing to keep me and my husband Luke sane? Well there’s lots of stuff actually, I’m fully embracing it. I’ve made a list of activities to do daily and then little extras. Today I took two naps so didn’t get loads done but I did get out on a lovely walk early this morning with Luke and my pup Curtis. Curtis didn’t like the fact he couldn’t go say hi to the other dogs that were out, poor social distancing puppy.

I’m going to cook from scratch most meals, which is kinda cool and lovely and time consuming. I’m also going to make a list of classic books and films. Our first film binge is Quentin Tarantino. What a bloke. True Romance is a decent watch - get on it.

Also, how underrated are PUZZLES! I’m going to be an absolute puzzle master by the time we’re over this. And scrap booking?! Errrr hellooooo everyone secretly loves stationery. There’s an app called ‘FreePrints’ they send you a certain number of free prints and just charge delivery. I ordered a load, cannot wait to cut out some old pictures and sprinkle glitter on them.

I’m going to do some yoga everyday, just 10 mins or so - so important to get the body moving. Any type of indoor work out will be amazing for the body and mind. Exercise is so important.

I’ve also been given some candle making bits which is going to be cool. My house will be smelling like ‘bath and body works’, cannot wait for that!!!!!

Staying informed is also important but DON’T let it take over your day. There’s loads of podcasts to download... Make sure you put your phone down throughout the day too. It’s going to be so difficult not to get wrapped up in what people are saying on social media platforms. And to be honest nobody knows the right answer to anything at the moment so just smile and wave and get back to your candle making.

I also had a really good idea - not sure Luke was as keen. I want to recreate famous movie scenes. I think the scene from Step Brothers where they sing ‘Sweet Child of Mine’ would be hilarious. Imagine Luke and me belting that out for all to see. We’re awful at singing by the way.

I have to stay away from my sister and my nieces which is heart breaking but we have FaceTime and I’m going to write them letters too. Get a pen pal and all that.

I think that everyone also needs to take a deep breath and remember how lucky we are with the staff that are working tirelessly and the technology we have to help us get through this all.

Stay safe and keep your hands clean.

About Amelia: Amelia is 31. She had been living and working in the Middle East for 7 years when she was diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer at the end of 2018. Despite being given only three months to live, she is happy to report she is still living her best life 15 months on. She recently got married to her husband Luke, and she is sharing their adventures, and self-isolation tips over on her instagram @mrs_skinnader. She is the co-founder of Fvck Cancer, selling unique bandanas.

If you've been inspired by Amelia's post to do some exercise or yoga, you can check our Trekstock's free online exercise videos, or why not have a go at our free seven day yoga series, both designed by a Level 4 Cancer Rehabilitation Instructor? Or if you're looking for a new podcast to listen to, why not feast your ears on the first three episodes of the AfterThoughts podcast, sharing stories of what happens after a cancer diagnosis?

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