Hear from our Renew exercise instructor Tim on some of the benefits of regular exercise and why it is essential.

Tim is a Level 4 Cancer Rehabilitation Trainer and one of our Renew group exercise instructors. He has worked in the industry for over 20 years and is continuously researching new fitness ideas and looking at new areas of expertise within the fitness, health and wellbeing industry to pass on his knowledge to help his clients along their journey.

He is driven by a passion for helping people achieve their goals and beyond. Tim uses one-to-one and group training sessions and nutrition advice to help them live a healthier life and be the best version they can be.

Before we get started and to reduce the risk of injury, all exercises can be regressed to an easier version so if it is a complexed exercise start with the regressed version first.

Ensure that you have warmed up before starting your exercises so that your joints are nice and mobile and ready to work and your muscles are warm.

If it is painful at any point, stop immediately. If you feel dizzy or nauseous stop immediately. Exercise should be challenging but not painful in any way.

In our current climate and not knowing the duration of our isolation, being active and completing workouts will give you a sense of being again. Your heart rate will increase, you will get a bit of a sweat on and your mood will lift and you will feel so much better in yourself for doing it. It will also stop those cravings which can be a by-product of being bored and make you think about better choices if available.

This will also have a knock-on effect on your mental wellbeing, lifting your mood releasing those feel-good Endorphins and will get you through these challenging times we are all facing at the moment. It will also help you with your sleep patterns as your energy expenditure will be increased and also help you to relax and destress while stuck at home.

Exercise will also stop the feeling of anxiety and depression regardless of the intensity of the exercise. Weight loss or weight maintenance is also a benefit of keeping active. Working out is also great for bone health and density and slowing or preventing the onset of osteoporosis later in life or after some forms of treatments and medications.

Another benefit of being active is an improvement in balance which can reduce the risk of trips and falls. The growth of new brain cells and as we start to age can play a role in cognitive functions and reduce risks of diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Exercise regularly and stay safe.