As #TYACAM comes to a close, we've been reflecting on conversations we've had with our community this month - about what it means to be a young person diagnosed with cancer.

We've chatted about fertility struggles, finding a language to share your experience, difficulties with body image and tonnes more. And it's made us even more determined to keep driving forward, to keep working to make sure no young person diagnosed with cancer faces it alone. We'll be continuing these conversations beyond April. Because our community matter - you matter. And we want to make sure you get everything you need to live life alongside cancer.

We were particularly pumped to launch our Find Your Voice series earlier this month. TYACAM is all about getting the voices of teenagers and young people with cancer heard. So we're helping our community figure out how to do just that - in ways that work for them.

Diagnosed with testicular cancer, Af Marseh decided to share his story in a book, Tumorous Hesticles. He hosted the first workshop of the series, exploring ways to tell your story in your own unique voice.

Here's what he said about the day:

"Saturday was the most inspiring and powerful day! ✍ We had a group of different ages, types of cancer and stages of treatment brought together to create, write and develop their own stories in a number of workshops and then deliver them to the group at the end of the day. 🎤

"Everyone mentioned how nervous they were at even attending the event (including myself), but within 10 minutes of arriving the connections were made and it was like being amongst life long friends. I’ve never left an event of meeting people that I’d only just met and suddenly missed being with them. An entirely unique experience and emotion.

"Everyone smashed the delivery more than I could ever imagine! Katie started the ‘show’ with the most powerful F’You story. Then Antique inspired us with her words, passion and impact. Melissa made us feel all the emotions, showed us the locations with particular descriptions and made us laugh without even knowing it. That set up nicely for Hannah-Lee who had us laughing from the moment she walked in. Talking about cancer shouldn’t be THAT funny, but it was. Then to finish the day Lauren hit us in all the feels with her spoken word poetry which takes you on the most amazing journeys and makes the hair on your arm stand up with goosebumps. All of them talented superstars. 🌟

It was such a unique feeling of pride, watching everyone tell their stories with such power and grace. All in their own unique ways and authentic voices.

If you’ve not been to a @trekstock event before then check them out as they have more events coming up and already in the diary. Powerful beyond all measure. Events of all different kinds and for different interests.

I truly believe in the power of writing and storytelling will set you free." Af

This month is our chance to share the realities of being diagnosed with cancer as a young person. Along with 22 other charities, we've been shining a light on the multiplicity of emotions and experiences faced by those diagnosed with cancer at a young age (🎢 😡 😢 ✨). And we want to hear from you. Tell us what you wish people knew about living with or beyond a cancer diagnosis when you're in your 20s or 30s here.

And if you want to Find Your Voice - keep your eyes peeled. We've got tonnes of other creative outlets for you to explore in our new events series.