We like to think that our small team pack a big punch, but it never hurts to invite more to the party. Which is why we're excited to say that Trekstock has welcomed two new additions! Charlotte Robinson as Communications Manager, and Megan Adams Davies to Fundraising and Partnerships. Charlotte joins from Hestia Charity, where she was their Social Media & Digital Communications Officer, and Megan joins from Agent Provocateur.

Speaking about the newly created role of Communications Manager, Charlotte said:

"I'm so thrilled to be joining Trekstock, a charity which does amazing work to empower young people in their 20s or 30s as they navigate their cancer journey. From the RENEW Programme, to the Lifting The Lid series, Trekstock fundamentally change the game for this community of people and I'm so excited about the opportunity to shine a light on their work. We're a small team, and we love to say that we 'punch above our weight', but it's about time that more people hear about the support Trekstock provides."

It's true, we do punch above our weight. And with Charlotte now onboard, you can bet that you'll be hearing lots more from us. The world of social media is changing ever more quickly, but with her knowledge of social media, we're exploring the new ways we can engage with people. We've already launched a new TikTok page, but watch this space for more news on this topic..

The term "return to normal" has been bandied about a lot in the last couple of years, and the truth is, the third sector, as well as many others, will never look as they did pre-pandemic. But that provides us with an opportunity. Whilst we recently loved putting on an IRL retreat and our Barry's Bootcamp event, we're also keen to continue giving our community chances to find connection online - that way even more people get to feel a part of the Trekstock Community.  

But the only way we're able to keep delivering the fab programmes our community looks to us for is because of our fundraising.  Commenting on her appointment to the team, Megan said: 

"It’s a really exciting time to be joining Trekstock; every week I receive an email from someone who tells me how invaluable the services have been for them; they explain that Trekstock opened doors to an incredible community of young people and supported their treatment and life beyond cancer. It’s so rewarding to work for a charity whose personalised programmes have played such an important role in peoples lives. I’m learning a lot but I’m really motivated to maximise the fundraising as much I can, so the team can continue delivering their amazing programmes and expanding our outreach. I think we’re on the precipice of huge growth and I feel so privileged to be part of it."

If Trekstock sounds like the kind of charity you'd like to fundraise for, then we're here to tell you that there are oodles of ways of getting involved - just take a look at our Fundraising and Corporate Partners pages. And don't forget to follow us on all the socials, we're @trekstock across the board.