Luke Grenfell-Shaw: The Bristol2Beijing Challenge 
£300,000, 30,000 km, 30 countries, 3 wheels

After being diagnosed with a terminal form of cancer two years ago, but now in remission, Luke has completed the first stage of his Bristol2Beijing cycle ride in support of Trekstock and four other cancer charities.

"It's fantastic that the Bristol2Beijing community has come together to support the work of our amazing charity partners. I'm so proud that we have raised over £10,000 for Trekstock! I never expected either the expedition or the fundraising to be easy. This upside-down year has added many new challenges, but they have strengthened my resolve as I aim to show that even in the toughest of circumstances, we can still achieve our dreams."- Luke Grenfell-Shaw.

A MASSIVE thank you to Luke, his incredible team and fellow CanLivers who have helped support our small charity during this challenging time. Here at Trekstock, we recognise how powerful physical activity can be in improving both the mental and physical health of young adults living with and beyond cancer. We could not be more proud of Luke and all he has achieved since undertaking this colossal challenge back in 2018. 

Luke was diagnosed with Stage IV sarcoma at 24.

In June 2018 Luke was told he wasn't expected to be alive at 26. Two years later, after chemotherapy, surgery and radiotherapy, Luke wanted to show it is possible to thrive with cancer.

"The day I was diagnosed I realised that if I could only do one more thing with my life then I want to cycle around the world."

Through the Bristol2Beijing Challenge, Luke's mission is to rewrite the narrative of what is possible for individuals living with a cancer diagnosis. Luke coined the term: 'CanLiver'. A CanLiver is someone living with cancer. 

"We Can Live an amazing life despite these challenges. It is my firm belief that we can still live a rich and fulfilling life, even in the face of a challenge such as cancer. It's about making or taking opportunities and living fully each day." 

Luke started his Bristol to Beijing tandem ride on 1st January 2020. The expedition covers 30,000km, through 30 countries. Luke was forced to postpone his expedition in 2020 after he caught and recovered from COVID-19 in Romania. Despite all the challenges Luke has faced during his expedition, he continues to ride following COVID rules across Asia. Luke is hoping to finish his epic ride in China in 2022.

Good luck from the whole team at Trekstock on the last leg of your challenge! Keep going, Luke!

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Luke Grenfell-Shaw (he/him) - Bristol2Beijing

If you want to follow Luke's challenge or find out more about Luke's CanLiver mission, follow Luke on social or visit the Bristol2Beijing website.