About the Partnership:

We are delighted to announce that Cancer Chicks has partnered with Trekstock, so that together we can provide the best possible support young adults living with cancer in the UK find their confidence and be equipped with the tools to live even better with cancer. By working together in collaboration, we can help more young adults get moving again after cancer than ever before and address more of the key issues they face. The synergy between Cancer Chicks and Trekstock is clearly evident and we are excited about having Olivia on board to share her experiences and fashion expertise to help grow Trekstock’s service delivery.

“I am so excited to announce that Cancer Chicks, the support group I created during my cancer treatment to tackle isolation and help build confidence through and beyond cancer treatment, is now working in partnership with Trekstock. Together, it is our mission to help young adults feel like themselves when cancer hits you at the prime time of your life.” -  Olivia Smith, Trekstock’s newest young adult Ambassador. 

Background to Olivia and Cancer Chicks:

‘I was an ordinary 20 year old girl studying Fashion Communication and Business at the University of Brighton. There was absolutely no sign of cancer in my life, other than the fact I had chosen to do my final second year project on a charity called Trekstock. I did my research on the charity and felt so inspired by the people Trekstock helped, and also by the charity and how they had devoted their life to helping them. For my project, I planned a make believe fundraiser for Trekstock and presented it to my lecturers. Then I moved on.

I continued living as a normal 20-21 year old fashion student for the following year. I started my final year of uni and I became unwell. It was cancer. Stage 2 Hodgkins Lymphoma. I was experiencing my university project research in real life. Being a 22 year old girl with a fashion background my identity meant so much to me. I was the most sad to see that go. I started blogging about it. 

Trekstock shared my story and I found I wasn't the only one to feel that way. That losing your identity was the most daunting aspect of cancer for most girls my age. I started a Facebook group to keep us connected. I launched a website, a pool of knowledge on how to remain stylish and confident throughout cancer. I called it Cancer Chicks. I’m excited to announce that Cancer Chicks is officially becoming part of Trekstock, giving it the opportunity to grow. That university project isn't so 'make believe' anymore. Funny how life works out.’ - Olivia Rose Smith.

Olivia wears Trekstock x Never Fully Dressed charity hoodie, buy yours here.

“We believe that working with Cancer Chicks is an exciting step for Trekstock as there is such clear synergy between our visions - helping young adults find their tribe and thrive with confidence, equipped with the tools they need to move forward through and beyond cancer” - Jemima Reynolds, Trekstock Health Programmes Lead