Recently, the Health Team were invited to attend a talk at Univeristy College London from Dr Tracey Revenson, PHD a Professor of Psychology at Hunter College New York. She was discussing her recent research study on Psychosocial Adaptation to Cancer among young adults and their families. The talk focused on how many young adults found managing their relationships with friends and families the most difficult, specifically the matter of disclosing the simple fact of their diagnosis along with their feelings as a result. A feeling that is echoed by many young adults we talk to in the Trekstock community.

Most young adults in her study stated that they struggled to discuss their feelings as a result of their diagnosis and treatment, as friends and family couldn't relate. Also, following treatment they found it very hard readjusting as they not only felt less confident within themselves but didn't know how to handle meeting new people. Once again this mirrored our findings that young adults we support find it hard to find their new normal after finishing treatment.

Dr Revenson's research highlighted the importance of using social media, online forums and meeting other young adults for those who have or survived cancer as they provided them with the opportunity to connect with others who they could relate to and talk openly about their experiences.

In light of this, Trekstock's online community continues to play a part in supporting young adults both on and off line, along with our programmes that work to tackle social isolation, improve quality of life and provide young adults with the tools they need to get moving again after cancer puts their life on hold.

"My own oncologist had not seen many people my age, I went to a coffee meeting and was the youngest by at least 20 years. Trekstock helped make me feel less alone in all of this and enabled me to talk to others who had experienced similar things." Trekstock Beneficiary