This year's #FeelYourBreast campaign raised a massive £104,837 for both Trekstock and CoppaFeel! 

THANK YOU to the incredible Lounge Underwear team, the Lounge legends and everyone who donated and supported the 2020 #FeelYourBreast campaign this Breast Cancer Awareness month.

It's safe to say the Lounge Underwear campaign has been a silver lining to Trekstock's year. For the second year running Lounge Underwear has been on a mission to amplify the conversation around breast cancer in young adults, encourage everyone to check their breasts and raise vital funds for our small charity. We have been blown away by the number of donations and we can not thank you all enough for your continued support. 

We sat down with Melanie - Lounge's Chief Brand Officer (virtually of course), to get her thoughts on this year's hugely successful campaign:

"After the year we've all experienced, especially those within the cancer community... the overwhelming positivity and love for this Campaign was definitely needed!

We are overwhelmed by the response we received, both through the endless support and devotion to raising awareness, all the way through to our incredibly generous community and the amazing donations raised.

We really could not have wished for a more positive campaign outcome and are so happy we've been able to help bring some stability and certainty for Trekstock as we move into a second lockdown."

What impact will the donations have? 

Our Young Adult Ambassador and Lounge Legend Georgie was diagnosed with Stage 4 Hodgkins lymphoma at age 26. Georgie states that finding the Trekstock Community has been integral in completing her treatment with a smile on her face. 

"Trekstock were my lifeline when I was totally lost in this cancer world & it's thanks to them that I found my cancer humans and my confidence. It's such an honour to be a young adult ambassador for them & I know how much this money will mean to them & how far it will go in supporting young adults with cancer." 

Thanks to the funds raised we can continue providing a virtual lifeline to young adults living with and beyond cancer, at a point in their lives where they need us more than ever. 

Why was this year's Lounge campaign so important to Trekstock?

During this challenging time, the vital funds raised will make a profound difference to our small charity.

Trekstock's Head of Fundraising Emma Cullingford:

"The team at Lounge Underwear are amazing to work with and it's so inspiring to see what their creativity and generosity can achieve. This year's donation total surpassed our wildest dreams and will make a huge difference to Trekstock, particularly at this time when we are in a second lockdown. We know young adults living with and beyond cancer are among the hardest hit, with many still significantly affected by Covid. Trekstock's services are needed more than ever. Throughout this challenging time, supporting young adults with cancer has remained our top priority. The pandemic has had a significant impact on Trekstock's finances but thanks to the help of Lounge's incredible community, we will be able to continue to ensure young adults with cancer feel connected through our services and receive the social, physical and psychological support they need."


Emma Cullingford (she/her) - Head of Fundraising - Trekstock 

Melanie Marsden (she/her) - Chief Brand Officer - ‎Lounge Underwear

Georgie Swallow (she/her) - Young Adult Ambassador - Trekstock