Payroll Giving (i.e. giving from your wages before it lands in your bank account) is a fantastic way to support Trekstock. Regular gifts like this really do add up to help us make a difference to the lives of people in their 20s or 30s living with and beyond cancer.
If you're an employee: 
Anyone whose pay or pension is taxed through PAYE can give. It's easy and automatically comes out of your salary. Just choose the amount you want to donate on each payday, and you can cancel or change your donation at any time. It's also completely tax-free. This means, a £10 monthly gift will only cost £8 on a basic tax rate, or £6 for a higher tax-bracket. You never know, your employer might even match-fund your donation, which helps your money go even further in helping the people we support.

If you'd like to support Trekstock through Payroll Giving, FAB! Talk to your employer about how you can set this up, and feel free to contact our team for some help.

If you're an employer: 

Payroll Giving is a great option for your staff to donate to the charities they care about. The scheme is a great addition to your Corporate Social Responsibility activities, and shows that you really care about supporting important causes. If you don't have this scheme in place yet, or want some advice on how to promote it to your employees, our team of fundraisers are here to help. 

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