When we asked you areas that you were struggling with, managing headaches came up top. Many of you told us just how debilitating headaches are to your life and how they can stop you from doing the things you love, including getting active. 

When you get a headache or migraine, do you find moving is the last thing you feel like doing? We understand that. 

Did you know that there are exercises that can not only relieve the pain caused by muscle tightness but also prevent future episodes?

No, nor did we until we chatted with the extremely knowledgeable, Cancer Exercise Specialist, Laura Porro from Equilibrium Studios. 

That's why we're taking action to help you alleviate your headaches caused by muscle pain by partnering with Laura to run 4 weekly sessions targeting specific pain brought on by headaches.

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These sessions will run weekly for 4 weeks at lunchtimes on Zoom, so join us from your home or take a break from work. Everyone is welcome, whether you're an avid Pilates goer or have never tried it before, come along and get moving together.