The impact of having cancer at any stage in life can result in depression, anxiety, and difficulties within both established and new relationships. It’s incredibly important to have access to information and advice on coping with these problems, as well as being aware of when to seek help.

Early adulthood is a difficult enough stage of life to navigate without cancer. Being diagnosed with cancer when you are in your 20s and 30s can result in you having to battle with numerous different emotions and anxiety as well as having to navigate telling friends, family and work.

"The free subscription to headspace has been a real saviour. I was in a really bad place last week having panic attacks as the pain was quite intense along with the anxiety of the side effects from chemo If I didn’t have headspace I would have really struggled to of got through it." Trekstock Beneficiary

Here you will find information about support, advice and tips that can help you.

Lifting the Lid on Cancer and Mental Health

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Questions about Anxiety

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Lifting the Lid on Communication in the time of COVID-19


Did you know that when you join the Trekstock community you will receive a year's free subscription to the Headspace app? Headspace is guided meditation and mindfulness app for everybody, so you can live a healthier, happier, more well-rested life by using it for just a few minutes a day.

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To check out our charity friends who can provide you with even more practical tools, strategies and resources head to the psychological support section on our Signposting page:

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