RENEW is our London based innovative exercise programme to get you moving during and after cancer. It can empower you to become more active by equipping you with the confidence and skills you need to make positive, long-lasting changes to help you establish a more active lifestyle. 

The 12-week programme gives you the chance to work with a Level 4 Cancer Rehabilitation qualified instructor to develop a tailored exercise plan for you. This will include 1-2-1 sessions at the gym and weekly check-ins to help set and meet your specific goals. Trekstock's Health team will refer you to a trainer and then they will be in touch to set a date for your initial consultation. 

Research has found a healthy lifestyle during and after cancer is associated with improved physical and psychological wellbeing, reduced side effects of treatment, reduced fatigue, reduced risk of recurrence, and improved survival. But according to experts, the large majority of people living with cancer do not achieve the recommended guidelines for physical activity, often due to barriers such as inaccessibility, fear or a lack of knowledge.

RENEW aims to combat these barriers by using Cancer Rehabilitation qualified personal trainers to show young people how to exercise safely and correctly in the comfort of their own home or in the gym. 

How Do I Get Started?

1. No longer on active treatment

It's really easy to sign up and get going all you need to do is fill in this: 

Self-referral form

Then our trainer (based at Central YMCA, Great Russell St) will send you a quick questionnaire to fill in just before you start.

2. On active treatment

You need to fill out two forms, referral from your doctor as well as your own consent form. The trainer will follow up with you as well. 

Doctor Referral form 

Personal Consent form 

The trainer then will get in touch and sent you a quick questionnaire before getting you started. 

Your details are confidential, however if you would like to post the form, you can send it to Jemima Reynolds on our Health Team at 9 Delancey Passage, Camden, London, Nw1 7NN and you will soon be contacted to get started.

Once we have your completed form(s), we'll be in touch to set you up on Renew! If you have any questions in the meantime, please call 0207 388 1200.

"I am very excited about working on the Renew programme, giving young people the confidence to exercise safely and effectively. The pilot will not only give participants the opportunity to improve their health and wellbeing but will also give them the chance to regain control over their lives." Victoria Brown, RENEW Personal Trainer, London YMCA Club