Trekstock and CLIC Sargent have teamed up to create RENEW, an innovative physical activity programme for young adults living with cancer. We are collaborating to empower young adults to lead a more active and energised lifestyle, and to help establish their 'new normal' after experiencing cancer.

RENEW is a 12-week programme that gives young adults living with cancer the chance to work with top-level personal trainers to develop a tailored exercise plan. This will include in-person sessions and weekly check-ins to help set and meet individualised goals. For more information on physical activity, check out our comprehensive exercise section on our CancerInfoHub.

Research has found a healthy lifestyle during and after cancer is associated with improved physical and psychological well-being, reduced side effects of treatment, enhanced self-esteem, reduced risk of recurrence, and improved survival. But according to experts, the large majority of people living with cancer do not achieve the recommended guidelines for physical activity, often due to barriers such as inaccessibility, fear or a lack of knowledge.

RENEW aims to combat these barriers by using personal trainers to show young people how to exercise safely and correctly in the comfort of their own home or in the gym. A small grant programme within the initiative will assist toward any transport requirements.


I am very excited about working on the Renew programme, giving young people the confidence to exercise safely and effectively. The pilot will not only give participants the opportunity to improve their health and wellbeing but will also give them the chance to regain control over their lives.

Victoria Brown, RENEW Personal Trainer, London YMCA


Andrew Cooper, Assistant Director of Services at CLIC Sargent, said: “Exercise is not only safe but is also hugely important in managing cancer symptoms often experienced during and after treatment such as muscular weakness, weight gain and fatigue. The pilot programme aims to empower young adults living with cancer to lead a more active and energised lifestyle. Through working in partnership with Trekstock we are delivering an exercise programme that will help young adults to establish their “new normal” after experiencing a diagnosis of cancer, and being either stable on treatment or up to five years post treatment.”

Sophie Epstone, founder and CEO of Trekstock, said: “Being a charity that specifically supports the needs of young adults living with cancer, Trekstock recognise the important effects that physical activity has on major issues faced by young adults with cancer. Such as lack of confidence around body image, side effects of treatment and social isolation. RENEW is designed to empower young adults to take back control over their health, create meaningful connections with others and to make positive lasting changes to health behaviours. Through this new and exciting partnership with CLIC Sargent we will help the participants to define what their new normal is.”