Have you recently been diagnosed with cancer and not sure how to exercise safely now? Are you going through treatment and lost the motivation to be active? Or have you finished treatment and want to regain your strength? Whatever your current fitness level or exercise history, we know how hard it can be to exercise regularly, and we are here to help you get moving safely, and with lots of support. 


The RENEW programme is an eight-week course of small group classes with a Level 4 Cancer Rehab trainer in London. Each session builds on the one before and can be adjusted for any level of fitness and other limitations. The class will include resistance training and cardio to build strength, stamina, and confidence. At the end of the 8 weeks, get a one-to-one session with your trainer to discuss how you continue to incorporate exercise into your lifestyle that works for you. You'll get a discount on gym membership too and enjoy a gym induction tailored to you.


Anyone! This free programme is open to all. Whether you are currently going through treatment or living with a stage 4 diagnosis, recently diagnosed, or currently in remission; whether you are an avid gym bunny or have never exercised before; whether you want to get stronger, get fitter or simply get to know some other young adults in your situation. Sign up today, and we'll help you get moving again in 2020.


If you've recently been diagnosed or are currently in treatment, you can still get active! You will just need to get one of your medical team to fill the below form in to get started.

medical referral form

And we will need you to sign both of these ones yourself as well: 


self consent form

If you've finished treatment, then you just need to complete both of the below forms to get started:

self consent form


If you are a healthcare professional and want to hear more, or be able to signpost a patient please email [email protected]


We have changed the format of the classes from one-to-one sessions to small group classes to incorporate a social element too. This means that you will be doing the programme alongside up to 6 other young adults living with or beyond cancer who are at a similar fitness level to yourself, so you won't be training alongside ultra runners when you find it hard to just get out of bed. We wanted the RENEW programme to not only give you support from your trainers, but also from your peers. 


All the RENEW trainers are Level 4 Cancer Rehabilitation qualified. This means they have lots of experience working with people living with or beyond cancer. They will be able to adapt all parts of the session to any level of strength, fitness, or stamina, so you don't need to worry. You are in excellent hands. You can read more about our four wonderful trainers below. 


All the classes are in London midweek, but there is a choice of daytime or evening sessions, and location. Weekly classes start the week commencing 31st March 2020 and run every week for 8 weeks. See below for the full schedule 

Day Time Location Trainer
Tuesday 11am  The Academy Tim
Tuesday 6.30pm YMCA Central Steve
Thursday 11am The Academy Tim
Wednesday  6:30pm YMCA Central Teresa


Check out ways you can get active from the comfort of your own home

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 Seven Day Yoga Sessions 


Tim Stewart: Tim is a Level 4 Cancer Rehabilitation Trainer and has worked in the industry for over 20 years. He is continuously researching new fitness ideas and looking at new areas of expertise within the fitness, health and wellbeing industry to pass on his knowledge to help his clients along their journey. 

He is driven by a passion for helping people achieve their goals and beyond. Tim uses one-to-one and group training sessions and nutrition advice to help them live a healthier life and be the best version they can be. 

The group sessions can have the added bonus of a social aspect to them which can be helpful to people going through, or having been through tough times, and offer a bigger support network. 

Teresa Waite: Teresa is an experienced REPS-registered Personal Trainer and Cancer Rehabilitation specialist at the YMCA Club in London. She has trained more than 50 participants in the RENEW Programme during the past two years. Qualifications include: Advanced Diploma in Personal Training, Level 4 Cancer Rehabilitation, Diploma in Exercise Referral, Certified Nutrition Coach, Group Exercise to Music, Circuit Training, Indoor Cycling, Sculpt, Kettlebells, ViPR trainer, Triathalon Training, Teen Gym, Outdoor Fitness, Suspension Training, Supple Strength, Ante/Post-Natal Fitness, Exercise for Older Adults, Postural Correction and First Aid.

I’m excited to encourage even more young people to exercise safely, rebuilding their strength and stamina and boosting their confidence to pursue an active lifestyle. Getting started on your own can be daunting, but working together in a supportive group can be much more motivating and enjoyable.  We’ll crank up the music and have fun.  You’ll move more, feel better and be proud of your progress.

Steven Harulow: Steven is an empathic personal trainer with a specialist cancer rehabilitation qualification and extensive experience with a variety of clients. As a former registered nurse who has worked in burns and plastic surgery units across London, Steven has a holistic approach to health and fitness, and a proven ability to help people meet their goals in a safe and effective way.

He very much enjoys working with de-conditioned clients keen to regain or improve their fitness; particularly individuals who had a diagnosis of cancer and are struggling with the after-effects – such as extreme fatigue, loss of strength and flexibility, and balance issues.

Group exercise is a great way to meet people with similar aims, goals and experiences. You can feel the energy in every class; it’s definitely contagious and makes working out much more fun.



There is a growing body of evidence and awareness of both the physiological and psychological benefits of exercise for patients during treatment and post-treatment. A 2017 study suggested that, following cancer diagnosis, superior levels of exercise were associated with

  • 28-44% reduced risk of cancer-specific mortality,
  • 21-35% lower risk of cancer recurrence
  • 25-48% decreased risk of all-cause mortality.

Exercise can also greatly help to reduce the severity and occurrence of treatment side effects. Fatigue is one of the most commonly reported side-effects of treatment and is likely to make you feel reluctant to exercise but in fact, exercise can help to combat fatigue and in the USA, the National Comprehensive Cancer Network recommends exercise as the number one approach for managing cancer-related fatigue. 

There are also many psychological benefits to be had from being physically active including helping to combat anxiety and depression and improving quality of life. In summary, exercise is considered to have benefits for both the quantity and quality of life of patients. 


I just wanted to say a huge thank you to all for the RENEW programme and to tell you all how it has absolutely transformed my life. Before the programme I couldn’t even run for a bus and now here I was at the weekend walking for 10k! I am now going to the gym regularly and if I can’t make it to the gym I am walking more/adding exercise to my daily life. My health is improving too and through exercise and weight loss I have found that my chronic pain is easier and my fatigue has improved. My confidence has improved massively and I am doing things that I wouldn’t have dreamed of doing a year ago and I am so proud of myself.