In light of the current COVID-19 situation in the UK, we are now running online Zoom classes both for individuals and groups.

We're so excited to be bringing it now to the North and are passionate about helping every single young adult diagnosed with cancer benefit from our group exercise sessions too.

Have you recently been diagnosed with cancer in one of the hospitals in Manchester or nearby and not sure how to exercise safely now? Are you going through treatment and lost the motivation to be active? Or have you finished treatment and want to regain your strength? Whatever your current fitness level or exercise history, we know how hard it can be to exercise regularly, and we are here to help you get moving safely, and with lots of support. 


The RENEW programme is an eight-week course of small online group classes with a Level 4 Cancer Rehab trainer or for those of you who have more complex needs and limitations we will be delivering one to one sessions over three weeks. Each session builds on the one before and can be adjusted for any level of fitness and other limitations. The class will include resistance training and cardio to build strength, stamina, and confidence. To keep the programme safe whilst being delivered online the groups will be a maximum of five people. All you need to do is fill in all the paperwork.


Anyone! This free programme is open to all. Whether you are currently going through treatment, living with a Stage 4 diagnosis, recently diagnosed, in remission or living with the late effects of your treatment. It doesn't matter if you are an avid gym bunny or have never exercised before. Whether you want to get stronger, get fitter or simply get to know some other young adults in your situation. Sign up today, and we'll help you get moving again in 2020.


If you've recently been diagnosed or are currently in treatment, you can still get active! You will just need to get one of your medical team to fill the below form in to get started.

medical referral form


And we will need you to sign both of these ones yourself as well: 


consent form

If you've finished treatment, then you just need to complete both of the below forms to get started:

self consent form


If you are a healthcare professional and want to hear more, or be able to signpost a patient please email [email protected]


You will be doing the online programme weekly alongside up to 5 other young adults living with or beyond cancer who are at a similar fitness level to yourself, so you won't be training alongside ultra runners when you find it hard to just get out of bed. We wanted the RENEW programme to not only give you support from your trainers, but also from your peers. 


All the RENEW trainers are Level 4 Cancer Rehabilitation qualified. This means they have lots of experience working with people living with or beyond cancer. They will be able to adapt all parts of the session to any level of strength, fitness, or stamina, so you don't need to worry. You are in excellent hands. You can read more about our wonderful trainers below. 


The schedule for the group sessions is coming soon and will be delivered on the digital platform, Zoom. 1-2-1 sessions will also be run on Zoom and the trainer will be in touch to arrange a weekly time with you shortly.

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Ambokile Bell (Ambo for short) 

He's a 35-year-old guy who is a Cancer Rehabilitation trainer. I was originally involved for four years with Macmillan Manchester 'Get Active' programme, which allowed me to develop and deliver exercise referral sessions throughout Manchester. I am also a qualified teacher where I now teach full time, however after taking a short break from exercise rehab I am happy to be back involved with a programme I hold close to my heart.

I am so happy and excited to be a part of the team, even though the exercise programme will be virtual I cannot wait to engage and interact with everyone. We are now in such unprecedented times where our mental and physical state is being tested, it is amazing we can have group sessions in order to come together, support each other, smile and have fun even if we are behind a screen.
My ultimate goal is to give you the confidence to do things in your day to day life you would not do in the past due to the worry of worsening of symptoms.
I am so looking forward to seeing everyone.
Oh and don’t forget to bring your smile :)


He owns an award-winning gym called J7 Health Centre in Manchester. He was brought up in Manchester himself. He is an Ex-professional athlete (Cricket player)and proudly holds the record for the busiest exercise classes in the UK. He has numerous qualifications under his belt including Level 4 Cancer Rehabilitation and also holds the Master Trainer (the highest level of personal trainer). He has every sports coaching qualification (football, basketball, boxing) you name it he has it. He also has a degree in Exercise and Health Science. He has been working with cancer patients over 20 years and is so excited to be a part of Trekstock's RENEW programme.

Both Javeno and Ambo are so excited about helping all of those young adults living with cancer in Manchester  get active and feeling all the benefits taking part in our RENEW programme brings!