Completed our RENEW programme, but struggling to stay motivated? We're here get you moving again with our free fortnightly online drop-in top-up sessions.

Completing RENEW is such an achievement, but need a little extra motivation to keep moving? These top-up sessions will help keep you active, connect you to others who have been through the programme and give you tools to help you become confident to exercise on your own safely. 

What to expect:

  • 45 min fortnightly sessions
  • Building on the technique and types of exercises used in RENEW
  • Cardio circuits using strength and bodyweight exercises
  • Intermediate levels of intensity 
  • Sessions are followed by time to connect and chat with others
  • Get motivated by others
  • Time to chat with the instructors before the sessions start

To sign up, fill in a quick questionnaire and consent form to make sure instructors know if anything has changed since you finished RENEW

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What people say

100% of RENEW participants would recommend RENEW Top-ups to others completing the programme