Today, 34 young adults will be diagnosed with cancer, stopping them in the prime of their lives. We wouldn't exist without the help our supporters.

The quickest and simplest way to start fundraising is to set up an online fundraising page, it means that you can share your sponsorship with friends, family and the entire world and helping ensure that no young adult has to face cancer alone. 

is Trekstock's preferred online fundraising site because it's easy to set up and has lots of helpful tools to make sure your fundraising is as successful as possible. They have lots of hints and tips to make your fundraising go further - you can even set up your own text to donate code to share with people who don't have cash on them when you're fundraising.

JustGiving sends your donations straight to Trekstock and reclaims Gift Aid automatically on your behalf. Gift Aid adds 25% to every donation if you are a UK tax payer, meaning that your fundraising can go even further in stopping cancer destroying young lives.

"Cancer is awful at any age but I particularly want to raise money for the fantastic work Trekstock does, to help keep people like my friends feeling supported and to engage them in positive activities."