With the long summer days, there is so much time to fundraise! 

Whether that’s getting active, hosting a garden party, or making the most of your lockdown baking skills, you can do anything to raise funds for our vital work.

Get Active 


Take full advantage of the long summer days. Do you have a personal best to beat? What’s the furthest distance you’ve run without stopping, 5k? Then why not try for 10k! Could you beat your personal best for the number of steps done a day? 


Use a public park or space to arrange an outdoor fitness class - yoga, boot camp or Zumba. Ask attendees to pay a registration fee and get moving along to your favourite workout music - Lizzo or ABBA; there is no judgement here. 

Get Creative 


Is there a tournament happening this summer? You may or may not have heard, but 'it’s coming home!' Why not kick off this year's Euros final with a garden or Office party? Provide food, drinks and entertainment in exchange for donations. The possibilities are endless! Hold a cake sale. Set up a face painting stand. Play garden games at halftime…
If the Euros aren't your thing, Wimbledon and Tour De France have your themed party covered!


Reconnect with nature and camp out in the great outdoors. Either in the back garden or the Lake District, you can put on a day of arts and crafts, kayaking, hikes, and a campfire.


Now is the perfect time to set up a sweepstake competition with your friends, colleagues and family. We have an exciting season of sport upon us and it would be a shame not to get involved!

We are so grateful for your support. Thank you, Team Trekstock.