5 Top Tips on Eating Clean

By: The Detox Kitchen

The Detox Kitchen have put together their top 5 tips to help you and anyone you know get on the right path to eating clean.

Clean eating is about eating real, home-cooked food, enjoying it with friends and family, experimenting in the kitchen and fuelling your body to make it work for you. Passionate about sharing how easy, abundant, delicious, exciting and full of variety eating clean is, here’s our top 5 tips to help kick start your clean eating diet.

1. Quality not quantity.

Don’t focus on calories and how often you eat, think about the quality of the food you’re eating, it will taste better, you’ll appreciate it more and be more satisfied. Focus on buying the best quality you can afford, go for free-range or organic if possible.

2. Get back to nature.

Food should look like food! It grows from the ground, a plant, on a tree or it roams around eating some grass. Avoid disguises of sugary sauces, batters, preservatives, sweeteners, E numbers and high-fat creamy sauces. The best way to do this is to head to your local market place where you don’t see ready meals and adulterated foods. Instead, you find an abundance of seasonal and local fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices and fish and meats.

3. You’re sweet enough.

White refined sugars and carbohydrates drastically spike your blood sugar levels. They make you crave the wrong stuff even more because they don’t fill you up, don’t give you what your body needs and often leave you feeling low.

4. Try and cook from scratch as much as possible.

It tastes fresher, cleaner and you’ll immediately cut out added salts, sugars, oils and preservatives used in a lot of processed and ready-made meals.

5. Start small.

Think about making better food choices based on the above. Taking a few small steps will help start to shift your attitude towards healthy eating and make you want to embrace it more and more. We promise it will come easily and you will soon have a healthy appetite for big bowlfuls of nutrient-packed foods.

Life is too short to not feel and look healthy and amazing!

All words by The Detox Kitchen.