Ella Woodward - Insight

By: Trekstock Insights

What inspires you?

My biggest inspiration comes from my readers, all their amazing messages and stories really inspire me to push myself and do more. Knowing that you’ve made a difference to someone’s life is such an incredible feeling.

What elements of healthy living to you practice?

My whole life is centred about healthy living. For me the biggest thing is diet, it healed me from a chronic illness and I just love eating well. The focus is on totally natural but amazingly delicious food, it’s all gluten free, refined sugar free and vegetarian too. I also try to exercise three to five times a week and try to minimize stress!

A few personal likes?

Smoothies! I’m such a smoothie addict and really can’t go a day without one, they just make me feel so incredible. I also love cooking, I find it so relaxing and inspiring and there’s nothing better than making an awesome dinner to share with friends.

Career highlights to date?

My app going to number one in the itunes store overnight, just so unexpected and amazing! Also signing my book deal was completely amazing.