Grace Woodward - Insight

By: Trekstock Insights

What inspires you?

Other people - mostly other women who don't comply to the norm, bravery, the truth, flying, the impossible beauty of nature, music, running, strength, words, morning, night. Not necessarily in that order.

What elements of healthy living do you practice?

With having an 18 month old baby I don't have a ton of time for myself but where I can fit it in I try to run/walk at least three times a week, yoga when I can and I don't smoke. I'll do the occasional juice fast too.

A few personal likes?

Owning a treasure trove of a clothes shop Id be lying if I said I didn't love the beauty of a garment that has winged it way to me, possibly over 80 years or so and is still standing telling its story. A testament to beautiful fabric and good manufacturing/craftsmanship. I like formulating an idea and turning it into reality, I'm a dreamer and a do-er, i naively believe anything is possible. I like seeing the land change with the seasons along my run route. I like Street art along the regents canal. I like seeing the light come on in someone's eyes when you help them come to their own conclusion about themselves be that about style or otherwise.

Career highlights to date?

I think my personal highlights are different than would be expected. The 'biggest' job i've ever done was being fashion director on the X Factor but my highlight of that was sneaking one off rare vintage pieces regularly on to that stage, which really is the biggest commercial fashion platform that chugs out anodyne high street looks. I like being disruptive especially when it's for good reason. I've loved working with artists like La Roux and Fever Ray who mess around with the perception of femininity and female representation in music. Image by image i'm doing my bit for feminism, one less bit of side boob at a time. Opening my own shop and sneakily trying to rebrand what people think about ethical and sustainable fashion.

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