One of the best things about the Trekstock community is that it’s filled with people who’ve been there, done that, got the horrible t-shirt. There are people who know what it’s like to “do” chemo, radiotherapy, have stem cell transplants, undergo surgeries. And they’re willing to pass on that knowledge. So we launched What I Wish I’d Known - a place for people to share their knowledge. After all, the best experts are those who’ve lived it first hand.

We've explored stem cell transplants, post treatment, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, gynae cancer, rare cancers, late effects, transplants, navigating the menopause, for partners and loved ones, for people who've just been diagnosed and loads more. WIWIK is a space for sharing knowledge, answering the big questions and sharing experiences. Because there's nothing better than hearing from someone who's been where you are. WIWIK also allows people who've used our services to re-engage with the charity.

Knowledge is power. What I Wish I'd Known is a chance to both give and receive the best gift there is. It helps demystify some of the biggest, scariest, gnarliest parts of cancer treatment. It helps those who've been there share their experiences - something we know can help aid their own healing. Ultimately, it's the best of both worlds, turning a truly turdy turd into something very special.

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