Pilates can help you to gain back your strength, range of motion, energy and self-esteem following cancer surgery and treatment. It's a safe and flexible form of exercise that can be adapted to meet your needs and help you achieve your fitness goals.

How has it helped you?

75% said it helped improve their mental and physical health
67% felt less isolated by doing the class
87% felt offered different modifications 
87% felt the class helped with their pain a lot or a little

What are the sessions like?

Pilates is a system of training for your body and mind, based on principles created by Joseph Pilates.
It fosters a deep connection between body and mind. The awareness and focus unique to the Pilates practice leads to an intense and deeply satisfying workout, which will leave you feeling stronger, more flexible and at ease in your body. During one of our Pilates sessions, you'll use your own body and a range of small props (such as bands, balls and weights) to work your body in a way that works for you. You'll be standing, sitting and lying down while working out. 

What difference will you see?

Pilates, like other forms of exercise, reduces the side effects of cancer treatment. Exercising makes you feel less tired, strengthens your immune system, reduces pain and helps you sleep and feel better.

Evidence shows that exercise can prevent future cancers and other conditions that make it easier for cancer to arise.