To help young adults with cancer in the UK to feel like themselves & confident through and beyond their cancer diagnosis.
As of April 2020 Trekstock will be taking over management of the Cancer Chicks Facebook and Instagram account. If you have any questions please get in touch with Bryony via [email protected]


With every cancer diagnosis comes a huge confidence knock, Cancer Chicks is a movement that is helping give a confidence boost in the most difficult time of these young adults lives.


Feeling confident with your body image in your 20’s and 30’s is hard enough, let alone with cancer. With cancer treatment comes a huge change in identity, which is often overlooked as one of the less important side effects, even though for many, it was noted as the most daunting part of their cancer diagnosis. We strongly believe that these young adults deserve information, support and events to help give a boost of confidence. Ultimately, these are young adults who want to feel like themselves and have a good time, so that is exactly what we aim to provide.


Cancer Chicks is a movement started by blogger Olivia Rose Smith when throughout her own cancer treatment she felt that there was little support out there for the huge knock in confidence she suffered. After reaching out to others, Olivia discovered that over 80% of people also found the change in identity the most daunting part of their diagnosis. Olivia was hugely supported by Trekstock throughout her cancer treatment, so after her treatment was over she partnered with the charity to start putting on events across the UK to reach as many young adults as possible, and provide them with the first step in gaining back their confidence.



Join our active Facebook group of over 500 young women, a place to share tips, trick, a haven for comfort, to know that you’re not alone. Whether it’s how to shave your head, which moisturiser to use or just to complain about aches and pains, this is your place.


Trekstock and Cancer Chicks Style Night, we've teamed up with our newest young adult Ambassador Olivia Smith to bring you a series of fabulous and supportive Trekstock x Cancer Chicks style events across the UK for young adults in their 20s and 30s.
We get that cancer can make you feel far from glam, so come along, we'll help you find your fabulous again. Plus ones very welcome.
Think photo ready, our expert stylist, makeup artists, nail bar and stylish clothes will help you find your confidence after cancer has knocked you for six.

Our Style Night team included:
  • Expert Stylists from Represented by Me will be on hand to help you work out with what suits you, encourage you to try new styles and looks that you might not have tried before, and help you leave feeling beautiful inside and out.
  • Fashion Influencer and Trekstock Ambassador Olivia Rose Smith will be on hand to chat about how confidence and style helped her over the last year, through treatment and beyond.
  • Nail technicians and Makeup artists from Bare Minerals on hand to make you up to be photo ready.
  • Clothes donated from brands including River Island, Silk Fred and Quiz Clothing.
    This eve will help you build up your confidence and have you leaving feeling like you again. Leave with a goody bag, feeling empowered to thrive with, through and beyond cancer. Check out our last London Style Night.


Cancer Chicks has partnered with Trekstock, so that together we can provide the best possible support young adults living with cancer in the UK find their confidence and be equipped with the tools to live even better with cancer. By working together in collaboration, we can help more young adults get moving again after cancer than ever before and address more of the key issues they face. The synergy between Cancer Chicks and Trekstock is clearly evident and we are excited about having Olivia on board to share her experiences and fashion expertise to help grow Trekstock’s service delivery.

“I am so excited to announce that Cancer Chicks, the support group I created during my cancer treatment to tackle isolation and help build confidence through and beyond cancer treatment, is now working in partnership with Trekstock. Together, it is our mission to help young adults feel like themselves when cancer hits you at the prime time of your life.” -  Olivia Smith, Trekstock’s newest young adult Ambassador.  

Olivia wearing Trekstock x Never Fully Dressed charity hoodie. 

“We believe that working with Cancer Chicks is an exciting step for Trekstock as there is such clear synergy between our visions - helping young adults find their tribe and thrive with confidence, equipped with the tools they need to move forward through and beyond cancer” - Jemima Reynolds, Trekstock Health Programmes Lead