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Get Active

Move your body and give your brain some TLC with our exercise programmes – designed with you in mind and delivered by specialist cancer trainers.

Motivating yourself to move is tricky at the best of times.

Throw cancer into the mix and sometimes getting out of bed feels like climbing Everest. Whether the idea of exercise gives you flashbacks to PE at school, or you’ve had to swap running for radiotherapy – exercise is a crucial tool to have in your armour when you’ve been on the pointy end of a cancer diagnosis.

Give your confidence and strength a boost with our exercise programmes.

Our  RENEW programme

Being diagnosed with cancer impacts your mind and body in more ways than we can count. That's why we've specially designed our free 8-week course of small online or in person group classes. Run by experienced cancer exercise specialists, they'll be on hand to support you and cheer you on every step of the way.

"I feel so lucky to have taken part in the RENEW exercise programme. Not only do I feel more motivated and physically fitter, but the impact that the exercise has had on my mental health has also been second to none."


RENEW is designed to help you keep moving through and beyond cancer, whatever your diagnosis, however you're feeling. Our expert trainers know that the struggle is real when you're exercising with or beyond cancer. They'll tailor everything to your needs. And we know exercising alone is no fun, so you'll also get to hang out with others and sweat together. Whether you want to get stronger, fitter or simply get to know some others living in the same cancer whirlwind, then RENEW is right for you.

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