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Get Heard

Dealing with cancer at a young age is a tough gig. That’s why we’re determined to help you Get Heard. Your voice matters. Your story matters. And sharing can help shape the future of people like you

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We care about building things that will benefit you. Request content, events, or something else for us to create and we will consider it for our roadmap.

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Ambassador Programme

Love Trekstock? Eager to help us spread the word? Join us as an Ambassador so we can reach more people diagnosed with cancer asap after diagnosis.

Focus groups

Got opinions about being a young person with cancer? Course you do. We want to hear them. Sign up to be invited to our focus groups and get rewarded for sharing your thoughts.

Community voices

Knowing there are others who’ve lived life alongside cancer helps those in the quagmire see a way forward. Sharing your story can be a light for someone in the dark who needs it. Add your story to our Community Voices to raise awareness, share the reality of living with cancer and help those who follow you have hope.

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