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We’re the next generation of cancer support. Our community shapes everything we do.  We listen, champion their unmet needs, help get them moving when they need it most.
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"Trekstock has amazing opportunities to get people moving during and after treatment: meet and move events, wellness sessions - both in-person and virtual, and even more physical activities for those that want to push a little more."
"Trekstock came into my life at a time after my diagnosis when I had far more questions than answers. They gave me a place and a sense of community where I could ask all those difficult questions which I couldn't ask my friends and family. I couldn't have done it without Trekstock."
“Trekstock enabled me to reclaim my sense of self as a young adult with cancer, see life beyond a cancer diagnosis and gave me hope for the future."
“To be able to spend time with other young adults with the same experiences and worries was life-changing for me. I attended Meet & Move in Edinburgh, several meet ups, online Pilates classes and the online RENEW exercise programme.”
“I found Trekstock a few years ago and I don’t know where I’d be without them. It's so vital to connect with others who understand what we’re going through.”
“Trekstock is an amazing charity that helped me a huge amount when I was going through chemotherapy. They saved me just as much as the doctors did.”
"Trekstock provide support for young people with cancer in anyway they need. They focus on the young person as an individual and will go above and beyond to support people during and after their cancer treatment."
Healthcare professional
"Where other support groups have been useful they haven’t necessarily been relatable. Trekstock’s focus on young people really helps make shared experiences feel easier & concerns feel more on the same page!"
"I found Trekstock through Instagram and felt so grateful to have found an organisation that focuses on young people. It felt very lonely to be the youngest face in the oncology centre. Every time I went, I hoped to see someone who was a similar age to me!"
"I've spent the last 2.5 years cycling my tandem bike from Bristol to Beijing to raise money for cancer charities, including Trekstock. Getting and staying active through a cancer diagnosis is so so important - and it's the reason why I'm here today, so Trekstock's Renew programme is so important."
“After I finished treatment, I expected life to go back to normal, but the reality is much harder. I felt fearful of my future, isolated and unsure how to move on from cancer. Trekstock helped me to connect with others who understood what I was going through.”
"When I was diagnosed, I felt isolated from my peers. I was often the youngest person on the ward and at support groups by at least 20 years. I couldn't relate to others talking about early retirement and their grandkids. When I discovered Trekstock on Instagram a year out of treatment, it felt like everything I was feeling made sense, and I had finally found my community.”
"Trekstock has been vital in connecting me with people who have similar experiences, but also giving me the information to help navigate life post treatment."

How We Make a Difference

Support, programmes and community for people in their 20s and 30s.
felt less isolated after attending one of our IRL events.
people in their 20s or 30s are diagnosed with cancer every day in the UK.
participants find their RENEW instructor supportive

It's this impact that drives us

Knowing we've made a difference to people who might otherwise have faced cancer alone matters. We collaborate with our community, listen to their needs, co-create tailored content, campaigns, expert resources, and meaningful events that address topics that matter most to them. Our commitment to listening and responding to need means we help them advocate for their rights, shining a light on everything they need to live better alongside cancer.