We've teamed up with personal trainer Lisanne van Sonsbeek to design a range of exercise videos that aim to support you to get moving again.

Thank you to Kelly and Callan, two of the young adults we support, for taking part in the videos to show that it is possible to get moving again after a cancer diagnosis.

Each video focuses on a different area, from stretching to cardio - we've got it covered. These videos don't have to be done in order, feel free to mix and match based on how you're feeling, and what you want to focus on. All you'll need is wifi, a chair and remember to keep some water to hand!

To get you started, check out our lower body exercise video on our youtube channel by click below:

Lower body exercise videos

You can access all our exercise videos on our YouTube channel #TrekstockMoves:

All exercise videos

Please note: it is always advisable to check with your medical team before you start exercising.